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long steel billets induction preheating furnace

long billet induction preheating furnace is an industrial equipment mainly used to heat steel billets to a certain temperature, in order to facilitate their subsequent processing processes, such as rolling, forging, drawing, etc. The operation steps are as follows:

1. Place the steel billet to be processed on the billet conveyor and send it into the preheating furnace.

2. Turn on the power supply of the preheating furnace and start it.


3. Set the heating temperature and insulation time of the long billet preheating machine, and adjust them according to the properties and needs of the steel billet.

4. Start the inductor, guide the high-frequency electromagnetic field onto the steel billet, and conduct induction heating on the steel billet.

5. After the steel billet is heated to the set temperature, it enters the insulation stage to ensure the stability of the steel billet temperature.

6. When the predetermined time arrives, automatically turn off the power supply of the sensor and preheating furnace.

7. Take the heated steel billet out of the preheating furnace and send it to the subsequent processing process.

8. Turn off the preheating furnace and power supply to complete the operation.

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