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Long steel bar heat treatment production line

Introduction to the long bar induction heat treatment machine

The induction heating heat treatment production line for long steel bars is an induction heat treatment furnace designed and manufactured for the hardening and tempering of round steel bars. It is currently a professional hardening and tempering equipment for long axis and round steel bars in the heat treatment industry, gradually replacing traditional well furnaces, trolley furnaces, coal, oil, steam and other heating furnaces, and becoming the mainstream equipment for metal heat treatment.

Characteristics of Long bar induction hardening and tempering line

1. The feeding system, heating system, quenching and tempering system have strong integration and reasonable combination, effectively saving customers’ time in selecting equipment.

2. High precision design ensures zero wear of materials

The conveying roller track of the material rack adopts a V-shaped roller design, which is smooth and wear-resistant, and will not damage the workpiece during use.


3. Perfect control system

In order to effectively ensure the heat treatment effect of the workpiece, our long bar hardening and tempering line adopts a temperature closed-loop control system in both hardening and tempering processes, with high temperature control accuracy.

4. Independent electronic control counter control operation

The main electrical components are made of major domestic and foreign brands, which are easy to operate and accurately controlled.

5. Reliable quality and stable performance

Our company has many years of production experience in induction heat treatment production lines, with lightweight, flexible, and reasonable frame design, and strict factory debugging to ensure smooth operation and reliable performance of each set of equipment.

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