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Long bar induction hardening and tempering machine manufacturer

With the improvement of medium frequency technology, the quality of components and its outstanding advantages, medium frequency long bar induction hardening and tempering machine  has been widely used in metal materials and non-ferrous metal heating, heat treatment, smelting and other industries

Forever Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, development and manufacturing of induction heating steel bar tempering equipment earlier in China. The factory has strong technical force and has a number of experienced and innovative intermediate frequency professional and technical personnel. For many years, the factory has been committed to the research of equipment reliability and energy saving. It has completed the bulldozer blade tempering production line for Shantui group and the first 2500kw production line in China for continuous heating and rolling of bars. It has been applied to production, with obvious energy saving effect.

The factory carries out comprehensive control and inspection from product design to production process in strict accordance with the national standards and requirements of the electric heating equipment industry; In particular, the electrical components are all high-quality products of domestic famous manufacturers to ensure the quality and service life of the equipment.

The induction heating temperature is more uniform and the core surface temperature difference is small. The application of the temperature control system can realize the accurate control of the heating temperature and improve the product quality and qualification rate.

In recent years, the main products of Forever electromechanical are steel rod quenching and tempering equipment, Steel pipe induction ardening and tempering machine, sucker rod induction quenching and tempering production line, etc. Aiming at the international market according to the market demand and development, they are mainly exported to Japan, Russia, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, India, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Tanzania, Tajikistan, Armenia, Iran and other countries and regions.


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