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Induction heating furnace for hot-rolled steel billets

Forever is committed to the production and design of Steel billet induction heating equipment with nearly years of experience. The process is mature and stable, and the operation is reliable. The steel billet continuous rolling heating furnace has a one click operation, and one person can control the production of the entire set of steel billet continuous rolling heating furnaces. There is complete data monitoring, process records, and strong traceability during operation. The specially customized human-machine interface of the steel billet induction heating furnace constantly displays production data. The professional technical team provides you with high-quality products and satisfactory services.

Characteristics of steel billet hot rolling production line :

1. The heating temperature is high and non-contact heating is used, making the heating of the workpiece more uniform.

2. Fast heating speed, high production efficiency, less oxidation and decarbonization, saving materials and costs, and extending equipment life.

3. This set of hot rolled steel billet heating furnace does not require preheating during the heating process, is convenient to use, easy to operate, can work continuously for a long time, and can be started or stopped at any time according to needs. It can be set in fully manual, fully automatic, and semi-automatic forms, and has absolute advantages in production scheduling.

4. The inlet and outlet ends of the heating furnace for hot-rolled steel billets are sealed with 5mm copper plates, greatly reducing magnetic leakage and extending its service life.

5. One water-cooled support roller is installed between every two sections of the furnace body, and each support roller is equipped with a variable frequency speed control motor to ensure stable and uniform heating of the steel billet. 6. The hot rolled steel billet heating furnace is equipped with a dual color American Raytei thermometer at the outlet, which displays the current temperature of the workpiece in real time, making heating more uniform.

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