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If we want to quench the steel bar, what kind of machine should we choose?

If we want to quench the steel bar, what kind of machine should we choose?

Quenching heat treatment process is one the important process during the steel bar production. Why did we say so? Because if the steel bar quenching effect is not good, the steel bar will have crack or break problem during application. If the quenching is done well, the mechanical performance of steel material can be improved greatly. Then we will need a good set of steel bar quenching furnace for our plant.

Forever specializes in the production of steel bar quenching furnace for nearly 20 years. Our company has an independent technical team and perfect after-sales service team. With the development of induction heat treatment, we are struggling to design and produce the quality steel bar quenching furnace to more meet user’s requirements. Every year, we will invest much fund on the intelligent energy saving and mechanical part development, trying to bring more convenience to our customers.

Personalized service, saving money, labor and more automatic.

Forever has many kinds of induction heating equipment, such as inline billet induction heating furnace, steel bar quenching furnace,OCTG quenching and tempering furnace, steel plate heating furnace, grinding rod surface quenching machine. Each kind of induction heating equipment belongs to non-standard equipment customized production according to the actual needs of users, providing you with a variety of types of selection.

17000 square meter assembly workshop and accessories warehouse for your needs.

Forever not only has a professional sales team, but also has a green production workshop covering 17,000 square meters and a complete spare parts warehouse, which is large in scale. It provides a strong guarantee for you to choose and buy the steel bar quenching furnace of our company.

Strong after-sales support, no worries after sale.

After the steel bar heat treatment furnace arrived in user’s plant, we will arrange technicians to the user’s plant for installation and debug, as well as training. 


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