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High quality pipe surface quenching equipment, you deserve it!

Advantages of Seamless pipe surface quenching:

Small oxidation and decarburization of workpiece surface, small deformation and stable quality; Fast heating speed, high thermal efficiency and high productivity; Easy to realize mechanization and automation.

The so-called induction heating actually uses electromagnetic induction to generate eddy current in the workpiece and heat the workpiece. Compared with ordinary quenching, induction heating surface quenching has the following advantages:

1. The heat source is on the surface of the workpiece, with fast heating speed and high thermal efficiency.

2. Because the workpiece is not heated as a whole, the deformation is small.

3. The heating time of the workpiece is short, so the amount of oxidation and decarburization on the surface of the workpiece is less.

4. The surface hardness of the workpiece is high, the notch sensitivity is small, and the impact toughness, wear resistance and fatigue strength are greatly improved. It is convenient to save materials and improve the service life of parts.

Metal surface quenching heat treatment equipment recognizes Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical. Metal surface heat treatment has been professional for more than 10 years, with complete equipment and exquisite technology.


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