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Seamless pipe surface quenching

Seamless pipe surface quenching


Application: Quenching /Hardening

Material Heated:45#,40Cr,42CrMo,65Mn

Diameter range: ø10-120mm

Heating way: Induction heating

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Seamless pipe surface quenching

●  Product Name:Seamless pipe surface quenching furnace, Seamless pipe surface quenching line
●  Diameter range: Not limited
●  Medium frequency power: 350KW-1500KW 
●  Product highlights: Automatic & energy saving. Components are all import.
Before sending the induction heat treating equipment out of our factory, we will test for our customers.

Seamless pipe surface hardening

Inductor Parameter Design

According to the different parameters of the workpiece,our engineer will optimizatized design different inductor group to get the effect of high efficiency. The inductor for tempering will increase the inductor quantity and adding tempering holding box to get better structure after temepring,ensuring the workpiece performance meets the requirements.

Sprayer and inductor

Sprayer: it is a circular spray device made of stainless steel, installed in the discharge end of the inductor, the casing go through from the sprayer.The high-pressure cooling water from the spray hole wall will spray casing for cooling There is water collecting tank below sprayer and the cooling water flows into the quenching circulating pool through water collecting tank.

Inductor manufacturing: Copper tube use T2 oxygen-free copper winding.The wall thickness of the inductor is more than or equal to 3.0mm.The material of inductor holding temperature has good features of high strength, high temperature resistance and longer service life.Using 5mm copper plate to cover inductor inlet and outlet,which can reduce the magnetic leakage and increase service life.The cabinet under the inductor is made of high strength aluminum alloy, which can reduce the magnetic leakage and the influence of heat on other devices.There is a water cooling carrier roller between every two inductors, equipped with one frequency conversion motor for each carrier roller.

Mechanical conveying part

Adopting domestic brand Jiangsu Guomao GR67 series hardened motor reducer as the driving power; Using 40Cr steel as the feeding roller which is surface quenched; The rollers between inductors adopts 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and cooling by inputting water.

Enclosed Cooling system

Adopt enclosed water cooling system,which has high heat exchange efficiency.The inside circulation is using pure water, outside circulation is using ordinary industrial water.

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