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Hebei solid round steel quenching and tempering production line – considerable benefits

For the cost-effective solid Round bar quenching and tempering production line, find Hebei FOREVER electromechanical Co., Ltd. to plan and configure the scheme for you according to your actual process needs, and provide lifelong after-sales service. The solid round steel quenching and tempering production line adopts new technology, network energy-saving power control, low power consumption and high production efficiency.

Operation site and device characteristics of solid round steel quenching and tempering production line:

1. Elastic adjustable pressing roller: the steel bars with different diameters can feed at a uniform speed.

2. The roller table and pressure roller between furnace bodies are made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled.

3. Infrared temperature measurement: an infrared temperature measurement device is set at the discharge end to make the heating temperature of round steel consistent.

4. Provide a remote console with touch screen or industrial computer system according to your needs.

5. Solid round steel quenching and tempering electric furnace man-machine interface touch screen PLC full-automatic intelligent control system, highly humanized operation instructions.

6. Induction heater design: variable turn distance, temperature gradient design, high efficiency.


The investment in Hebei FOREVER solid round steel quenching and tempering production line has high income and quick cost recovery. Our main products also include: steel bar heating furnace, steel pipe heating furnace, steel plate induction heating equipment, billet heating furnace, steel bar heat treatment equipment, steel bar quenching and tempering heat treatment furnace, steel pipe heat treatment furnace, deformed steel hot rolling production line, aluminum bar heating furnace, etc. we can obtain the quotation scheme of technical personnel free of charge through telephone or wechat consultation.


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