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Forever sucker rod quenching and tempering production line

Our company’s sucker rod heat treating equipment has high production efficiency, low energy consumption cost, reduced labor intensity, and stable quality.

The purpose of hardening and tempering the sucker rod is to ensure that the treatment temperature and hardness of the rod head and body are consistent

Applicable workpieces: D-grade and HY grade hollow sucker rods

Our company’s sucker rod hardening and tempering furnace is a non-standard customized equipment designed according to customer requirements.

Characteristics of Sucker rod hardening and tempering line :

1. No need for manual loading or unloading, manually provide a protective cover at the end of the screw;

2. Mechanical loading and unloading, and the threaded part of the pumping rod can avoid non heating

3. The end of the pumping rod can achieve key heating

4. The movement speed and heating time of the pumping rod are both controlled by programs

5. High degree of automation and high production efficiency;

6. Diagnostic software provides troubleshooting assistance

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