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Electronic Billet Induction Heating Furnace Work

How does Forever Electromechanical steel billet heating furnace Work?

1. The steel induction heating furnace is controlled by Siemens PLC and Siemens touch screen, and is heated by imported servo motors. The steel induction heating furnace is easy to operate and has high accuracy. When operating, as long as the feed rate is set on the touch screen, the servo system automatically determines the feed length for each time based on the pre-set value. The operator only needs to observe whether the machine is working properly, without adjusting it every time.

2. The PLC system controls the automatic heating action, automatic clamping action, and automatic cutting action. The use of this steel billet induction heating equipment can greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators and provide production efficiency.

3. Choose a reasonable AC servo system to meet the requirements of fast response speed, high speed accuracy, and strong robustness of the control system. In practical applications, the position control accuracy is around+0.1mm and cumulative errors can be avoided. This control system can be applied to the production of high-precision open-end series of cold formed steel products, especially products similar to shelf columns, which require high-precision hole positions for the vertical and side of cold formed steel. The remote extension electromechanical production line has achieved a high ranking of induction heating furnace for steel billet in terms of sales, price, quality, service, and after-sales service. Customers have reported that the failure rate of steel induction heating furnaces is low and the operation is convenient, Wear resistant, long service life.

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