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Hebei Forever Electromechanical Equipment Factory has been established for more than 10 years. After years of hard work and development, it now has modern production equipment. It is an induction heating equipment manufacturer that integrates research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation, and maintenance services. The company can design and manufacture fully automatic medium frequency induction heating furnace such as steel rod heat treatment equipment, pipe quenching and tempering heat treatment furnace, rod type quenching and tempering heat treatment furnace, and induction billet heating system according to customer needs, It can provide one-stop services including process flow, equipment selection, production and manufacturing, installation and debugging, and personnel training, and the equipment quality runs under the IS09001:2000 international quality system certification.

Temperature is one of the important process parameters that affects the heat treatment of workpieces. Reasonable application of heating technology can not only effectively eliminate quality defects of workpieces, but also have a significant effect on improving the surface quality of workpieces. At the same time, it can also reduce production costs, shorten the production cycle of workpieces, and improve production efficiency. There are many heating methods, such as flame heating, electric heating, infrared heating, steam heating, induction heating, etc. Currently, one of the more commonly used methods is to use medium frequency induction heating equipment for induction heating.


The steel billet induction heating equipment is used for heating treatment of the billet, and the heating method is very flexible. It can be used for both overall induction heating and local induction heating, which can meet the requirements of different customers. What is more beloved by the public is that the heating speed of the steel billet electric heating equipment is very fast, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of oxidation and decarbonization phenomena, ensure the heating effect of the billet, and lay a solid foundation for the next step of work.

The Forever electromechanical billet heating equipment adopts IGBT inverter power devices, which are efficient and energy-saving. Heating is easy to control, and the heating current and voltage values can be set. The current, voltage, power, and frequency are all displayed, making the operation intuitive, simple, and convenient. Even better, the equipment does not generate noise and dust, nor does it generate waste smoke and exhaust gas, greatly improving the working environment of workers and enabling them to achieve environmentally friendly production.

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