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Do stainless steel rods need solid solution? What is the purpose of solid solution?

Do stainless steel rods need solid solution? What is the purpose of solid solution?

The stainless steel bar is softened by solid solution treatment. In general, the stainless steel bar and steel pipe are heated to about 950-1150 ℃ by induction heating equipment, so that the carbides and various alloy elements of the stainless steel bar are fully and evenly dissolved in austenite, and then quenched rapidly to cool down, carbon and other alloy elements can not precipitate, so as to obtain pure austenite group. This process is called solid solution treatment. The purpose and function of solution treatment include three points.

1. To make the physical and chemical structure and composition of the stainless steel bar uniform, which is particularly important for materials, because the heating temperature and cooling rates are different, resulting in inconsistent microstructure. At high temperature, the atom activity intensifies, the σ phase dissolves and the chemical composition tends to be homogeneous. The homogeneous single phase structure is obtained after rapid quenching and cooling.

2. Eliminate other work hardening to facilitate further processing.
By solution treatment of stainless steel bar, the distorted lattice is restored, the elongated and broken grains recrystallize, the internal stress of stainless steel bar is eliminated, the tensile strength decreases, and the elongation increases.

3. Restore the corrosion resistance of stainless steel bar solid solution.
The corrosion resistance of stainless steel decreases due to the precipitation of carbide and other lattice defects. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel bar after solid solution treatment has been restored to a better state.

As the saying goes, stainless steel is not easy to rust steel, in fact, there is a part of stainless steel, both stainless and contains acid resistance (corrosion resistance). The stainless steel bar’s rust resistance and corrosion resistance are due to the formation of chromium rich oxide film (passivation film) on its surface. The rust resistance and corrosion resistance are relative.

It is proved by heat treatment experiments and cases that when the chromium content in stainless steel reaches a certain percentage, the corrosion resistance of the steel will change abruptly, that is, from easy to not easy to rust, from non-corrosion to corrosion resistance. Finally, it is concluded that the solid solution of stainless steel rods is very necessary for some subsequent applications.

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