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Continuous metal heating induction equipment to adapt to market advantages intelligent induction heating system solutions and service providers

The Hardening and tempering furnace which continuously heats up the metal produced by FOREVER mechatronics conforms to the market advantage. With the continuous development of various mechanical industries and the demand in the market, the mass production of iron, steel and metal substances has also been increased at the same time. Under the different market demand, the steel requirement is also different, in order to reach the requirement goal of the steel standard, it is necessary to heat-process the iron and steel. Under the guidance of modern high-tech technology, induction heating equipment is a hot modern environmental

Induction heating equipment, such as: steel bar heating furnace, steel pipe heating equipment, steel pipe heat treatment production line, steel bar quenching equipment, steel bar heating equipment, billet heating furnace, etc. Aluminum bar heating equipment and other induction heating and heat treatment equipment are non-standard products, according to your process requirements, professional engineers for you design, process, production.

Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical Co., Ltd. has rich experience in induction heating and heat treatment for many years, and has provided more than a thousand sets of induction heating equipment with different application and excellent performance for different industries, and the steel billet heating furnace, steel pipe heat treatment equipment and steel bar tempering production line are exported abroad. To open the foreign trade market. for example, for the steel billet continuous casting and rolling equipment provided by the Vietnam, the Philippine steel pipe tempering equipment, the steel bar tempering heat treatment production line of Ethiopia, the steel bar hot rolling equipment of Indonesia and the like, The foreign users have used the same, and the induction heating equipment is stable in performance, energy-saving and environment-friendly, and is suitable for the development of the new era.

Induction equipment, which continuously heats metal, complies with the market advantage and is very popular at home and abroad. The main reasons are as follows:

1. Induction heating equipment consumes less electricity: more than 30% less electricity than electronic tube. More than 20% less electricity than silicon controlled induction heating equipment.

2, stable performance, with a variety of protection functions, with automatic alarm function, no worries in use.

3, high heating speed: no oxide layer, small deformation.

4, induction heater for collective hoisting mode, according to different sizes of metal workpiece, replacement of different induction heating furnace.

5, environmental protection and energy saving, no pollution, noise and dust.

6, uniform heating, fast heating speed, no deformation and crack phenomenon of workpiece, finished product rate

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