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Composition of Steel Billet Heating Production Line

Composition of induction billet heating system

Generally speaking, the billet heating production line includes the following main equipment:

1. Heating equipment: such as medium frequency induction heating furnace , flame heating furnace, etc. These devices are used to heat steel billets to the required temperature.

2. Conveying equipment: including conveyors, rollers, belt conveyors, etc., used to transport steel billets from one process to another.

3. Control system: including automation control system, temperature control system, and process monitoring system, used to control and monitor the heating process.


4. Auxiliary equipment: such as cooling devices, dust removal equipment, circulating water systems, etc., used to assist in the operation and maintenance of the heating process.

In addition, according to specific production needs, other equipment can also be added, such as saddles, sampling machines, heat treatment equipment, etc.

Please note that the constituent equipment of the steel billet induction heating equipment listed above are only common examples, and the specific equipment configuration needs to be determined based on your production needs and the solutions provided by the supplier.

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