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Annealing and normalizing in heat treatment

Users who are engaged in the heat treatment industry or have a little understanding of the heat treatment industry should know that the annealing heat treatment process and the normalizing heat treatment process are both “four fire” processes, and the processing method of this heat treatment process is very similar. The treatment effect of these two processes will largely determine the basic state of materials, and then affect the subsequent treatment and the final treatment effect. Today, Yuantuo Electromechanical Group would like to introduce the annealing and normalizing heat treatment process.

The annealing and normalizing treatment in the heat treatment processing of induction heat treatment equipment for steel bars are mainly used for the blanks after heat processing. For carbon steel and alloy steel with carbon content greater than 0.5%, it will be difficult to machine due to their high hardness, and they will be returned for processing. For carbon steel or alloy steel with carbon content less than 0.5%, normalizing treatment shall be adopted to avoid tool sticking during cutting due to low hardness.


Accurately speaking, annealing and normalizing treatment are the pre-treatment stage of heat treatment and the preparation part. Through these two aspects of treatment, the grain can be refined and the structure can be effectively uniform, so as to optimize the surface state of the material. When the surface state of the material is good, the subsequent heat treatment can achieve better processing effect, and better guarantee the surface quality and surface performance of the material.

It should be noted that annealing and normalizing are generally arranged after blank manufacturing and before rough machining. Optimization of such treatment is conducive to ensuring good heat treatment effect of materials.

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