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Advanced steel bar quenching and tempering equipment and heat treatment equipment

FORVER electromechanical steel bar quenching and tempering furnace has a heating temperature of more than 1000 degrees, which is at least 20% higher than similar heating equipment. The equipment has fast heating speed and accurate temperature control, providing strong guarantee for the heating quality of the workpiece. It is the advanced heat treatment equipment in the heat treatment operation. Many large domestic enterprises are choosing the steel bar induction heating heat treatment furnace as the industrial heat treatment method.

This heating method has fast heating speed, energy conservation and environmental protection standards are in line with China’s environmental protection policies, and fully automatic intelligent production can not only ensure stable and reliable product quality, but also improve the company’s corporate image. Full-automatic production mode can also save a part of human labor, reduce most of the labor intensity, and save a large number of human resources for the company. Efficient production efficiency can bring greater production value to the company.


At the same time,steel bar induction heat treatment furnace and steel tube quenching and tempering production line have various modes to choose according to different application scenarios, and the equipment has also been provided with additional protection to ensure that the equipment can still cope with various challenging environments. The design of the equipment also optimizes the maintainability of the equipment: it uses a special power saving system, which can simplify the circuit, thus reducing the failure rate of the equipment. The drive motor bracket can facilitate the inspection of main maintenance parts, and the maintenance is more convenient. In addition, the control panel of the steel bar heating furnace series adopts the classic design of PLC, which effectively reduces the time required for training operators and thus reduces the training cost. The equipment also has excellent operation performance and strong furnace body protective cover. With the “equipment rated load” system, the emergency signal will be automatically activated in case of failure, which plays a dual protection role.


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