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A brief introduction to the working principle of Heat treatment quenching Furnace

What is heat treatment quenching? Quenching is a kind of Induction hardening furnace process of metal and glass. The quenching of steel is to heat the steel above the critical temperature of Ac3 (hypoeutectic steel) or Ac1 (hypereutectic steel) for a period of time, so that all or part of austenite can be transformed. Then the heat treatment process of martensitic (or bainite) transformation is carried out at a cooling rate greater than the critical cooling rate to below Ms (or near Ms). The solid solution treatment of aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium alloy, toughened glass, etc., or the heat treatment process with rapid cooling process are also referred to as quenching.

The working principle of quenching furnace: quenching is to heat and hold the workpiece, in water, oil or other inorganic salts, organic water solution and other quenching medium, rapid cooling. After quenching, the steel parts are hardened but brittle at the same time. In order to reduce the brittleness of steel parts, the quenched steel parts are kept for a long time at a suitable temperature higher than room temperature and lower than 650 ℃, and then cooled. This process is called tempering. Annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering are “four pieces of fire” in integral heat treatment, in which quenching is closely related to tempering and is often used in conjunction with each other.

Heat treatment quenching furnace principle medium frequency furnace is a kind of power supply device which converts power frequency 50HZ alternating current to intermediate frequency (300HZ above 1000HZ). Three-phase power frequency alternating current is rectified and turned into direct current, then DC current is changed into adjustable medium frequency current. Supply medium frequency alternating current through capacitance and induction coil, produce high density magnetic line in inductor coil, and cut metal material in induction coil to produce large eddy current in metal material. Since the principle of medium-frequency induction heating is electromagnetic induction, and its heat is generated in the workpiece itself, ordinary workers can carry out continuous work of forging tasks ten minutes after the work of the medium-frequency electric furnace. There is no need for professional workers to burn and seal the furnace ahead of time.

The above is the related consultation of the working principle of the heat-treatment quenching furnace for you to organize according to the experience of the technology R & D in the last 20 years. If you have any other questions during the selection of the induction heat treatment equipment, please call the Tuo Tuo Power Plant for details.


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