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Weld seam annealing system

Weld seam annealing system


Application Weld seam annealing, annealing,tempering, preheating, forging, rolling, extrusion, 
Power 100 KW-10000 KW
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Product Name: Weld seam annealing system

Typical Application:

Forever weld seam annealing system is widely used for large diameter steel pipe and pipeline process. With weld seam annealing technology, we can produce thin-wall steel tube with high strength.

Outstanding advantages of weld seam annealing system

● Due to fast local heating for weld, the steel tube oxidation and deformation is minimum.

● Accurate and consistent diathermy makes the weld region get fine grain structure, so it can reach annealing process requirement,  improving the mechanical properties of the welded pipe and extending  pipe service life.

● Perfect protection and reliable performance.

● Stable tissue, eliminate internal stress and processing hardness.

● Easy to install and move.

● Quick change type furnace: user can replace the furnace within 5 minutes.

● Environmental protection: no pollution, noise and dust.

● Available for different shapes of the work piece.

Dear Buyer,

Please kindly tell us:

The steel tube diameter and pitch for weld seam annealing?

The transmission speed or production capacity?

These will help us to choose the suitable power.

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