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Steel strip heating furnace

Steel strip heating furnace


Application           Steel strip / bar / billet / wire heating 
Power     100 KW-8000 KW
Non standard    Professional customization
Temp.control    Infrared thermometer

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Product NameSteel strip heating furnace

Typical application:

Forever is offering steel strip heating furnace:various sizes of steel strip/bar/billet/slab heating; high heating efficiency; closed loop temperature control; highly compact installations;first class service support.

Performance for our steel strip heating furnace

● Power supply: Constant power/constant angle/constant voltage, multiple running modes and on-demand switching.

● .Feeding system: Cylinders, hydraulic cylinders or roller table+ power double pipe clamp.

● For different sizes of steel strip,the user can replace the corresponding inductors( the inductors are quick change structure, user can finish replacement within 15 minutes).

● IPC system: Powerful functions including record and display the current working parameters and status, material parameters memory, storage, memory, forging equipment fault, power down automatically and maintain constant temperature and so on.

● All-digital, high depth adjustable parameters that make you easy to control the equipment with great efficiency.

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