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Induction hardening drilling pipe

Induction hardening drilling pipe

Owing to our vast industrial knowledge, Forever is instrumental in presenting a comprehensive array of drilling pipe induction hardening equipment. Owing to the excellent performance, superior quality and longer service life, drilling pipe induction hardening equipment is widely appreciated by the clients. The drilling pipe induction hardening equipment is available at market leading prices to the customers. We manufacture a wide range of induction heaters for the heat treatment of various components in oil industry.

Forever induction heat treatment equipment series

Diameter 80 mm drilling pipe induction hardening and tempering production line

Diameter 30 mm sucker rod induction hardening production line

6 m length long bar hardening and tempering production line

Diameter 200 mm steel pipe induction annealing production line

Drill rod induction hardening production line

Except heat treatment equipment ,Forever also has rich experience in manufacturing hot rolling equipment and steel ball production line such as :

Billet induction heater to increase the heat of billet for rolling mill

Bar induction heater to rolled bars to rebars

Induction billet heater for heating billet from room temperature to 1200 degree C for rolling

D20-150 steel ball hot rolling production line

D20-150 steel ball roll forged production line

If you are interested in any field, either induction heat treatment, rolling or steel ball production, please contact us to get free price and solutions.

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