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Induction heating equipment for steel bars

Induction heating equipment for steel bars 


Forever is induction heating equipment for steel bars manufacturer, Induction heating equipment is used in induction heating, induction heater, induction forging, induction hardening,induction hardening and tempering.Specialized in induction heating equipment for steel bars manufacturing and marketing for more than 12 years,welcome to contact us.

Professional Manufacture Induction heating equipment for steel bars 

1. Using MOSFGT and IGBT inverting device, tracking frequency automatically.

2. High frequency, heated quickly, its electricity consumpition is only 20%-30% of electronic pipe induction heating equipment and other heating style.

3. Security and reliable performance, the equipment have the secure voltage and operating safely.

4. Manual, automatic regulating automatically, it can protect itself from over voltage, over current, lack of water, phase fail, over hot, etc.

5. It has no open-fire, noise and pollution, be suit for the environmental protection and fire, improve the image of the company.

6. Application: steel bars heating, aluminum rod heating, steel billet reheating, steel pipe hardening.


Forging & forming 
Heat treatment such as hardening, , tempering, annealing and etc. 
Melting for aluminum, copper etc 
Pipe Pre-heating before welding 
Pipe Bending 

Forever can provide most valuable induction heating equipment for steel bars and services you’re looking for. We welcome clients worldwide contact us for induction heat treating equipment purchasing business.

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