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Steel pipe annealing

Steel pipe annealing


Application: Annelaing

Material Heated:Carbon Steel ,Alloy Steel & Stainless Steel

Diameter Allow: Φ20-300mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Steel pipe annealing with magnetic induction heating

Induction annealing is widely used in the tube and pipe industry. It also anneals wire, steel strips, knife blades and copper tubing. In fact, induction is ideal for virtually any annealing task. Having 13 years’ experience in designing & manufacturing steel pipe annealing furnace, Forever steel pipe annealing  furnace can be customized made as per users’ requirements. 

Forever steel pipe annealing furnace features:

●  Pipe diameter: ø20mm-300mm
● Pipe length:2-20m
● Power required: Depending on steel pipe annealing production capacity
● Heating method: induction heating
● Conveying method: Roller table

The purpose of steel pipe annealing

● To reduce the hardness and improve the machinability
● To eliminate residual stress, stabilize the size, reduce the deformation and crack tendency;
● Refine the grain, adjust the organization, eliminate tissue defects.
● To improve the performance of steel pipe or do organisation preparation for future heat treatment.

After-sales service for steel pipe annealing furnace

● Responsible for installing & debugging steel pipe annealing furnace
● 1 year quality warranty period after installing and debugging steel pipe annealing induction heat treating furnace
● During the quality period, provide free spare parts
● Long term technical service & parts support.


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