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Rebar hot rolling heating system

Rebar hot rolling heating system


Application         Rebar heating before hot rolling     
Power  100KW-8000KW
Non standard Professional customization
Temp.control Infrared thermometer

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Product NameRebar hot rolling heating system

Typical application:

Our factory is specialized in producing intelligent rebar hot rolling heating system with 100-8000KW power and 500HZ-8000Hz frequency. As per user’s specific requirements, our  rebar hot rolling heating system can achieve PLC closed-loop control and automatic feeding and heating procedure without manual operation.

Fully automatic rebar hot rolling heating system

● Power supply system:The complete set of rebar hot rolling heating system consists of four power supplies, the total power is 4000KW.

● Power supply composition:   KGPS1500KW/1000Hz     KGPS1250KW/1500Hz

                                             IGBT750KW/10KHz          IGBT500KW/20KHz

● Inductor design: Variable pitch, temperature gradient design, which is more  efficient.

● Pressure setting roller: Making different diameters of round steel bar feed at the uniform speed. Rollers between the furnace are made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled, and other parts of the roller is made of 45 steel and the surface is hardened.

● Infrared temperature measurement : Setting infrared temperature measurement device at the discharge, so that the steel bar temperature can be controlled in the allowed range before charging into the rolling machine.  

▲ Energy transformation: The power consumption is 260-280 KW/H for heating each ton of Ø25-Ø36 steel bar to 1000℃.

After-sales service for rebar hot rolling heating system

● “1+2”model :we will arrange one sales person and one after-sales person to serve you once you buy our Induction heat treating equipment.

● Responsible for installment,adjustment and provide the user with technical training for the technician and operators.

● Provide the whole technical literature (including the electrical circuit drawing) when delivery the equipment.

● The quality guarantee  is one year,and we provide long term technical service and spare parts support.

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