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Rebar heat treatment furnace

Rebar heat treatment furnace


Application Rebar heating, rolling ,hot rolling ,heating, heat treatment
Power 100 KW-10000 KW
Non standard
Professional Customization

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Product NameRebar heat treatment furnace

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Forever main products: Rebar heat treatment furnace,steel billet heating system,continuous casting billet temperature raising production line,Steel bar and steel pipe heating equipment,steel bar hardening and tempering system,hot rolling steel ball production line,slab hardening and tempering system.

Forever  has provided thousands of sets of heating equipment and induction heat treating equipment of 100 ~ 8000KW / 0.2 ~ 50KHz for domestic and worldwide users.Also hundreds of sets of equipment has been exported to Indonesia, Russia, India, Vietnam, Africa, Taiwan, Central Asia and other countries and regions.Our product quality is stable and trustworthy so they gained high praise from our clients.

Steel billet making rebar or deformed bars parameters:

1.Steel range material need to be heated:Carbon steel,alloy steel

2.Steel billet dimension:75mm×75mm×30006000mm

3.Steel billet Max. Camber before sending to the furnace:≤3mm/M

4.Temperature before sending billet to the furnace:Room temperature

5.Steel billet tapping temperature: 1100℃ 

6.Steel billet heating capacity: 25 t/h(On the basis of 20 working hours per day and the production capacity is 500 tons per day.)

7.Heating every tons of steel billet will cost electricity 350 degrees from room temperature to 1100℃.Conservative Design: 9000 KW power which consists of three sets of 12-pulse power cabinets of 3000 KW.

 8.Control for heating process: PLC automatic control for the whole heating process and show the production records such as the  number of billet heating and so on.

9.Equipped with United States Raytek infrared temperature measurement devices in the inlet and outlet of the furnace.

10.Water cooling carrier roller :Non-magnetic stainless steel

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