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Oil pipeline heat treatment furnace

Oil pipeline heat treatment furnace


Application         Oil pipeline, steel pipe, drill pipe heat treatment   
Power  100KW-8000KW
Non standard Professional customization
Temp.control Infrared thermometer

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Product Name:Oil pipeline heat treatment furnace

Typical application:

Forever oil pipeline heat treatment furnace adopts mature induction heating technology for oil pipeline heat treatment;The heating temperature and time can be controlled.

Oil pipeline heat treatment furnace characteristics

● Reliable and automatic running.

● The adoption of IGBT from Germany Siemens in our induction heat treating system make our equipment saving 40%-60% electricity,40% water and 75% outside support equipment than traditional electronic tube machine.

● Our oil pipeline heat treatment furnace can work 24 hours continuously because of its unique cooling circulation systems.

● Full digital automatic control, multi-control functions.

● Easy to operate,normal workers can learn to operate it within 10 minutes.

Customer service for oil pipeline heat treatment furnace

● First class service engineers and second class service specialists are double technical support;

● To provide customers with double technical support for operators and equipment management and maintenance personal.

● Reach to the field as soon as possible after receiving customer’s requirements.

● Troubleshooting within 24 hours

● To provide more relevant service according to customer individual requirements.

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