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Bar,pipe,slab and billet induction heating equipment

Bar,pipe,slab and billet induction heating equipment


Power available:100-8000KW

Available material:Steel,aluminum,copper

Heating method:Induction heating

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Forever has a long history of manufacturing induction heating equipment  for  a variety of applications throughout forging and heat treatment industry. We pride ourselves on supplying the most reliable, durable and efficient induction heating equipment  available to the industry today. The offered induction heating equipment can be used for bar & billet Heating, Forging, Rolling Hot Forming, Extrusion, Heat Treatment including surface hardening,Tempering and Annealing, Tube and wire heating,Continuous heating, Stress relieving and so on.

Automatic bars & billet induction forging production line

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The process of forging and forming is a common process in the manufacture of many industrial parts such as automobile, railway, aerospace, and forging.

After heating up the material, the forging or forming operation is done on different types of machines like mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, hammer, ring rolling etc. Materials used for forging are in shape of rounded bar, square billet.

induction forging furnace

Different material grade temperature requirement for forging & forming

  • Steel 1100 to 1250 ºC
  • Brass/Copper 800 to 900 ºC
  • Aluminum 300 to 480 ºC


  • Fast induction heating, no preheating time
  • High heating efficiency
  • Uniform heating up to the core
  • Closed loop temperature control automatically
  • World wide customer service support

Equipment configuration

  • Medium frequency induction heating power supply
  • Automatic feeder
  • Induction billet heater
  • Remote console
  • Water cooling system( Plate heat exchanger or closed cooling tower)–Optional

Online induction billet heating system for hot rolling

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Forever manufactures and supplies a broad range of induction billet heating systems for virtually all forge heating applications.Our billet induction heaters provide temperature control and uniform heating from surface to core and head to tail of the product.

inline induction billet heater for hot rolling


  • Hot rolling/ reheating of Bars
  • Hot rolling/ reheating of Billets
  • Hot rolling/ reheating of Slabs
  • Hot rolling/ reheating of Plates
  • Hot rolling/ reheating of Blooms


  • High efficiency
  • Proven & mature Design
  • Reduced customer start up time
  • Advanced PLC control, power & temperature control
  • Quick release connections for both power & water
  • All the cables and capacitors are well protected for long life performance

Induction hardening

Induction hardening is used to increase hardness and mechanical strength of steel in a specific area. Steel material will be heated to a temperature slightly higher than the upper critical (between 850-900ºC) and then cooled very quickly in a quenching medium such as oil, air, water etc.

surface hardening and through hardening


  • Case hardening
  • Surface hardening
  • Through hardening


  • Sucker rod horizontal induction hardening machine  see video
  • Drill pipe,drill rod induction hardening   see video
  • Long bar induction hardening   see video
  • Long shaft  induction hardening
  • Slab induction hardening  see video
  • Anchor bolt induction hardening  see video

Hardening and tempering

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Hardening and tempering is a two stage heat treatment process. Hardening process is used to increase the hardness of material.Tempering aims to remove the stresses and brittleness caused by hardening.

hardening and tempering


  • Steel pipe
  • Grinding rod
  • Oil drilling pipe
  • Steel bar & round bar
  • Blade
  • Stainless steel round bar

Main features

  • Instant and fast heating.
  • Precise temperature control
  • Low distortion
  • Fully automatic feeder and discharge
  • Easy to operate
  • Less harmful to the environment compared to other heating method750质量英文版 001_副本


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