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Why do most customers choose plate induction heating furnace for heat treatment of steel plate?

Why do most customers choose plate induction heating furnace for heat treatment of steel plate?

Forever plate induction heating furnace can also be called intermediate frequency induction heating furnace. It is based on modern international advanced power electronics technology theory and selection of international famous manufacturers power electronics devices. With continuous research and development for the plate with different thickness, it has more advantages and more application, such as gear bearing quenching, hardware tool heat treatment, turning tool welding, standard parts heating, bolt and nut thermoforming, steel bar hot rolling, billet heating and so on.

Due to the use of electromagnetic induction heating on the workpiece, the production using our Plate induction heating furnace will not generate smoke and exhaust gas, greatly improving the working environment of workers, so that it can achieve environmental protection production. Plate induction heating furnace is not only environmentally friendly, but also very energy-saving. It saves 40% water and 30% – 40% electricity compared with the same power level of electronic tube induction heating equipment.

The steel plate induction heating furnace adopts the PLC console to carry out the fully automatic intelligent control of the equipment. And through the PLC and the intermediate frequency induction heating power supply on-line to achieve automatic production and has multiple protection functions including over-current, over-voltage, water pressure, lack of phase, under-voltage, overload, and so on, such as the situation equipment has self-diagnosis function. The automatic production mode saves a lot of manpower and labor, saves the investment cost of users and has complete protection function, which can ensure the service life of equipment and production safety.

Forever plate induction heating furnace can be used for plate heating before rolling or user’s heat treatment processing. As per the heat treatment process, we have another plate induction heat treatment furnace, which can achieve the plate quenching, tempering and annealing. All of our plate induction heating equipment will be customized made as per user’s need such as the size, thickness, output capacity per hour etc..

Our company has a professional after-sales service team, one-to-one service model, which can solve problems for users in time to ensure that the user’s production is not delayed. If you have any questions about medium frequency induction heating equipment for any workpiece, please contact us, we will give you the most professional solution.



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