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Which specialty is the steel pipe quenching furnace? The strength of the expedition is strong.

Since its establishment in 1999, the induction heating equipment and quenching heat treatment equipment have been sold well both at home and abroad. The quality of Steel pipe induction heating furnace is guaranteed with reliable performance, energy saving and environmental protection.

When buying equipment, which steel tube quenching equipment is good in my mind, which major, what performance, what is the price? this is a problem that is often concerned about. Far extension is specialized in producing induction heating furnaces and quenching heat treatment equipment. Heat treatment production line for 20 years, the main products are: steel bar heating furnace, steel tube heating furnace, billet heating furnace, steel bar heating equipment, steel bar quenching furnace, rebar quenching and tempering equipment and many other induction heating equipment, sold well at home and abroad, strong strength, Quality is guaranteed. Deeply trusted by users.

The advantages of the steel tube quenching furnace are as follows:

(1) the steel tube quenching furnace can selectively heat-quench the workpiece without the need of the whole quenching treatment, so the electric energy consumption is less and the deformation of the workpiece is small.

2, high heating speed, can make the steel pipe in a very short time to achieve the required temperature, or even less than 1 second. Thus the surface oxidation and decarbonization of steel pipe are lighter.

3, the surface hardening layer can be adjusted by adjusting the working frequency and power of the quenching furnace. Thus the martensite structure of the hardened layer is finer, hardness, strength and toughness are relatively high.

4. After quenching and heat treatment of steel pipe, the steel tube has thicker toughness and plasticity under the hard layer, so that the fatigue resistance and breaking ability of the steel pipe are higher.

5. Steel pipe quenching equipment adopts PLC control program of man-machine interface, high degree of automation, as long as the diameter of steel pipe and the required parameters are set, the operation of the whole set of induction heating equipment is completed automatically. Air cooling should be heated to control the power supply, power supply can run, no need to configure the cooling system, saving costs and power consumption.

6, steel tube quenching equipment is simple to operate, can be opened or stopped at any time. And no preheating.


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