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Where is the special equipment for induction annealing heat treatment?

Many consumers always feel that the price of the Annealing equiment is too expensive to buy a proper one. In fact, we have a lot of money to buy the equipment, and we don’t have much to buy the house. Our house pays attention to the property, the cell matching, the family size and so on. What about buying equipment is to find a manufacturer with technical and productive power, the quality of the equipment is guaranteed, and so on!

long bar hardening and tempering production line

What the editor wants to recommend for you is our FOREVER Electrical and Mechanical equipment Factory, we are a manufacturer specializing in producing induction heat treatment equipment, our equipment is: induction annealing heat treatment equipment, heat treatment quenching equipment, surface heat treatment equipment, Tool heat treatment furnace, weld local heat treatment equipment, etc. We have an independent R & D team to carry out technical research, constantly introduce the new, we have a production workshop and so on, our equipment are using high-quality components, our goal is to do not bad induction heat treatment equipment! If you want to buy induction heat treatment equipment, you may as well come to our factory to visit.


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Post time: 04-03-2019