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Where is the equipment for quenching treatment of square tubes? How about the price?

Where is the equipment for quenching treatment of square tubes? How about the price?

The square pipe has many applications. The finished product after quenching can be used in construction, machinery manufacturing, steel construction and other projects. Its industrial value is very considerable.

For square tube quenching, many metal manufacturers choose special induction heat treatment furnace. For different hardenability requirements, the spraying system adopts multi-stage spraying cooling. The pressure and flow of each spraying ring can be adjusted. The pipe is placed in the middle of the spraying ring to ensure uniform pressure and flow. “One button” operation: the engineer will set up the required process according to the user’s production requirements. The operator can select the corresponding formula and start up, then the pipe induction heating equipment will run the 30mm process parameters. This function makes the operation more simple, does not require the operator to master professional skills, reduces the cost of hiring professionals. But where can we buy the square pipe induction heat treatment furnace? How about the price? Now let’s look at the following information !
Firstly, which factory is good, we should make the comparision

There are numerous manufacturers engaged in the production of steel pipe induction heat treatment furnace in the market. Which one is better? We must know from comparison, mainly from the aspects of equipment quality, price, service and so on.

There are three points in quality:

A. Whether the quality is qualified, reliable equipment quality to ensure its more durable, lower failure rate, longer life, can save a lot of maintenance and other costs.

B. The advanced configuration, the diversification and advancement of the configuration can ensure the superiority of the performance of the square pipe induction heat treatment furnace. For example, Forever has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, intelligence, high efficiency and so on, so it is more favored by the users.

C. Whether the equipment can be customized according to customer needs, according to the requirements of customized square tube surface quenching equipment. In order to better meet user needs, such as the size of the workpiece, hardened layer requirements, production efficiency requirements of each manufacturer are different.

2. Price
It depends on the manufacturer’s equipment price, reasonable price for steel pipe induction heat treatment furnace can make users want to buy.

3. Service
Service, that is, after-sales service, manufacturers improve the service system, to further protect the rights and interests of users, so that users can have more understanding for the pipe induction heat treatment furnace.



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