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Where is the development opportunity of the steel tube quench and temper line?

Where is the development opportunity of the steel tube quench and temper line?

With the rapid development of science and technology and people’s increasing attention to the environment, the old-fashioned coal furnace, resistance furnace and other heating equipment are increasingly unable to meet the needs of modern industrial production, which brings a new opportunity for the development of energy-saving and environmental protection steel tube quench and temper line. With unremitting efforts, Forever continuous quenching and tempering furnace has quickly occupied a territory in the market of induction heating equipment. So far, Forever has cooperation with Tang Steel Group, An Steel Group, Kun Steel Group, Fujian Sanming Steel Group, Taiwan Steel, Vietnam Steel Group, China Aerospace Science and Industry Group, FAW-1. Group, Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., China Railway Construction Group, Xugong Group, Beijing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Research. In China, we can say that we have alrady get the leading position in the field of quench and temper lines.

Actually, it is a hard time for the industry as the USA is developing the trade war with China, which increases the import tax from China. Many of our customers have to reconsider to invest in the machines, but after some time study and consideration, they still decided to place the orders with us and wish we can arrange the delivery date, then they can start the heat treatment production. Thanks for those customers who are supporting to us.Forever will continue to design and develop more energy saving and reliable quench and temper line for more and more users.

Why our continuous quenching and tempering furnace can attract so many users?

1. Small size, light weight, will not occupy too much production space, can be moved at any time to facilitate production needs.

2.The unique cooling cycle system ensures that the equipment works continuously and continuously for 24 hours.

3.Fast heating speed, no oxidation phenomenon and decarburization phenomenon, improve the heating effect of the workpiece.

4. The pipe induction heating equipment will not produce noise and dust, nor will it produce waste smoke and gas, greatly improving the working environment of workers.

5. It can be remote controlled and equipped with infrared thermometer to realize automatic temperature control, improving heating quality and simplify workers’operation.

Since its building 20 years ago, Forever has developed and manufactured nearly 3000 sets of induction heating equipment for more than 1500 merchants in more than 20 countries and regions, such as the United States, Iran, Indonesia, Myanmar, Africa, Vietnam, Russia, Korea, Taiwan, Argentina, Serbia and so on. With the development of science and technology, the application of induction quench and temper line is more and more extensive. Combining with the concept of environmental protection of equipment, the demand of industry and the support of the state for green equipment, the induction equipment for steel pipe will have a broader development platform in the future.



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