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Where does Yunnan 4000KW billet induction heating furnace come from?

Where does Yunnan 4000KW billet induction heating furnace come from?

With the vigorous development of urban and rural infrastructure and the increasing demand for steel bars, the rebars and deformed bars have great demand for the building industry. But do you know the manufacturing process of rebars? What kind of machines did they need? Now Forever will give you a brief introduction.

There are two process for producing the rebars: One is continuous casting and rolling process, it means the scarp will be melted into the steel liquid in the melting furnace and then charged into the continuous casting machines and then charged into the rolling mill. But during the conveying process, the billet surface temperature will reduce before rolling. Then our induction billet heater will be used to increase the surface billet temperature from 750to 1150. Another type is making full use of the old rebars. Our Yunnan customer is using the old rebars to make the new rebars through heating the old rebars with our 4000KW billet induction heating furnace.

The performance advantages of Forever billet induction heating furnace

1.High heating efficiency. The power cabinet is GGD standard cabinet. The capacitor cabinet and rebar induction heating coil are compact in structure and improve the heating efficiency.

2.The quality of equipment is excellent. The feeding rack is welded with 6and 8 standard channel steel and the overall structure is firm. The feeding cylinder, pneumatic component, transmission mechanism and pressing mechanism are fixed on the feeding rack.

3.Automatic. The billet induction heating furnace used for rolling rebars adopts PLC intelligent control technology to realize process control, one-button start-up and fault diagnosis dneg function. It has automatic heating and discharging functions and can effectively reduce manual input.

4.Cost-effective. Forever provides high quality, high performance induction heating equipment. And factory direct selling can reduce the cost for users. 


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