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Where can I find an easy-to-use steel plate quenching equipment?

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Basic parameters of the quenching equipment of Hebei FOREVER Steel Plate:

1. Rated power: 80KW and 120KW are used for quenching the guide rail of the machine tool, so as to facilitate the application of the guide rail and gear quenching of the machine tool with larger cross section.

2. The traveling speed: the two guide rails are quenched together:200-400mm/ min (depending on the size of the section), such as the original machine-bed factory, and the old-style 100KW silicon-controlled medium-frequency walking speed is 140 mm/ min. Travel speed is 300 mm/ min with the WH-VI-120KW equipment of our company.

3. The depth of the hardened layer is about 2-4 mm and can be determined according to the requirements of the manufacturer’s process parameters.

steel plate quenching equipment outstanding characteristics

1, high-frequency quenching layer is too shallow not wear-resistant; if too deep and easy to deform; ultra-audio frequency is suitable for machine tool guideway quenching. The depth can be adjusted in the 2mm-6mm range.

2, quenching speed, up to 200mm-400mm/, double guideway quenching at the same time.

3, save electricity, save energy, reduce cost.

4, inductor with soft connection structure, easy to adjust clearance, guide wheel positioning, avoid fire.

5, control cabinet and transformer cabinet separately installed, easy to operate, flexible movement.

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