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What kind of machine is used for steel plate quenching ? Here is the answer !

What kind of machine is used for steel plate quenching ? Here is the answer !

Steel plate is a kind of flat steel which is made by pouring molten steel and pressing after cooling. With the rapid development of economy and the development of urbanization, the requirement for steel plate is getting higher and higher. The steel pressed directly from the steel mill can not meet the market demand, so the steel plate needs to be quenched. But there are many types of plate induction quenching furnace in the market, what kind of plate induction quenching furnace is more suitable for today’s energy-saving and environmentally friendly ? How much is the equipment? This is what a lot of customers who want to know about steel plate processing. Today we are here to answer for you.

Firstly, which equipment is better for quenching steel plates?

So what kind of equipment do you need to make the steel plate better? This is the concern of every user who invests in this project. Generally speaking, the furnace suitable for steel plate quenching includes steel plate quenching electric furnace and trolley furnace for steel plate quenching. Compared with the trolley furnace, the  plate induction quenching furnace has smaller occupying area and the the furnace adopts large screen PLC intelligent control technology, which is simple and convenient, and effectively save labor costs.

Secondly. How much is the induction heating equipment for steel plate quenching?

How much does it cost to buy a set of steel quenching furnace? This problem has been affecting the hearts of users. According to statistics, the price of  plate induction quenching furnace in China is quite different and the quotations from different manufacturers are different. The reasons for these differences are as follows:

1. Factory Distribution

Generally speaking, the wider the distribution of manufacturers, the more intense the competition, in the case of guaranteed costs, manufacturers will try to lower prices to expand sales, such as Hebei region.

2.Sales mode

Steel plate induction quenching furnace in the market is very popular equipment, in order to attract customers, the suppliers can be said to be a variety of patterns, then in the selection, the general direct-selling large manufacturers produced steel plate heat treatment quenching furnace price is more reasonable.

3.Equipment quality

Quality is the fundamental factor in determining prices. The better the quality, the more detailed of manufacturing process, the more attentive the material, the better the performance, and the more expensive the price will naturally be.

4. Output

Generally speaking, the higher the capacity of the equipment, the more expensive its price, users should be aware of this, according to their own needs to choose the right one.

Through these factors we can know the price of the steel pate heat treatment equipment is uncertain, or according to the user’s choice to decide.

Thirdly, which supplier of steel plate induction quenching furnace is good?

We sincerely recommend Hebei Forever as this factory has already manufactured many sets of steel plate heat treatment equipment such as quenching, tempering, annealing also including the rolling heating furnace. 


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