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What kind of equipment is used for tubing heating ?

What kind of equipment is used for tubing heating ?

The main function of tubing is to transport crude oil and natural gas from oil and gas reservoirs to the surface, which is used to withstand the pressure generated in the process of exploitation. Generally speaking, the steel pipe produced directly from the steel plant can not meet the requirements of oil production. It needs to be heat treated including hardening and tempering process. However, dust and carbon dioxide will appear in the traditional tubing heating process. What equipment is used for heating treatment under the environment protection situation? Forever recommends the pipe hardening and tempering furnace for you! How does the pipe hardening and tempering furnace stand out in many induction heat treatment furnace? What advantages do they have?

The advantages of the Forever pipe hardening and tempering furnace are:

• Forever medium-frequency induction heating power supply is using all-solid-state IGBT frequency conversion and power regulation, the equipment has designed a full range of protection functions: such as over-current protection, under-water protection, over-heat protection, over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, lack of phase protection, etc., greatly increasing the reliability of the equipment.

• The device has a variety of display functions, such as current display, voltage display, time display, so that the working condition of the device is intuitive, for the design of induction coil and capacitor regulation is more instructive.

• 99% full load and 24 hours continuous working capacity;

• Especially when heating stainless steel, copper, industrial silicon, aluminum and other non-magnetic materials, the melting speed is fast, the burning loss of material elements is less, energy saving is more than 20%, thus reducing the cost.

• High power, fast heating, high efficiency, easy operation, improve the conversion rate of electricity, so that equipment energy saving can be more than 20-30%, thereby reducing costs. Forever specializes in the production of metal induction heating equipment for more than ten years. Over the past ten years, We have focused on providing customers with high-quality tubing electric heating furnace, through continuous research and innovation to provide automated, intelligent pipe hardening and tempering furnace to bring more profits to the users.



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