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What is the price of quench and temper line?

What is the price of quench and temper line?


Quench and temper line has wide application in the industry, such as heat treatment of various metal parts, support, piston, drill rod,bars, pipes, wires etc..

When choosing the quench and temper line, it is necessary to check the specific configuration of the equipment, and whether the overall heat treatment process can meet the specific requirements. Reasonable equipment should be equipped with digital power supply, various quenching modules, automatic mechanical device and so on. Especially the buyer need to concern the temperature control system and water cooling system. As automatic and accurate temperature monitoring and control system is very important for the final work piece induction heat treating effect.

Then what is the price of quench and temper line? Production capacity can decide the power, then the power will decide the price. So when we are choosing quench and temper line, we need to pay much attention for the supplier’s power supply.

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