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What is the name of the device for heat treatment pipes? What advantages do they have?

What is the name of the device for heat treatment pipes? What advantages do they have?

The pipe induction heat treatment furnace is a device that using induction heating principle to heat the pipes and then cooling rapid and holding for a period of time. Through transforming the internal microstructure, we can achieve the purpose of improving the pipe hardness, tensile strength and yield strength. Compared with other heat treatment devices, our pipe induction heat treatment furnace is more cost effective and easy to operate. At the same time, the same pipe induction heat treatment furnace can be used for quenching, tempering, anneal and normalization.

Everyone knows that traditional coal-fired heating produces a choking smell, but it’s not really any other gas. It’s toxic carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. Working in a coal-fired environment for a long time can damage people’s health, especially respiratory mucosa and lungs. Our pipe hardening and tempering furnace can not only achieve the temperature of traditional heating furnace can not reach, more low-carbon environmental protection, pipe induction heat treatment furnace is heated by electricity, so it will never produce a similar coal-fired heating produced by toxic gases.

1. Rapid temperature control and continuous automatic production.

The greatest characteristic of the pipe induction heat treatment furnace is that the tube material is heated inside and outside at the same time, and the heating is uniform, which will not cause the phenomenon of “immature coke inside” and is conducive to improving the product quality. The inertia of pipe induction heat treatment furnace is very small, which can realize the rapid control of temperature rise and fall, and is beneficial to the automatic control of continuous production quota.

2.Timely control and responsive

Conventional heating methods, such as electric heating, infrared heating, need to take some time to achieve a certain temperature. In the event of failure or stop heating, the temperature drop will be shorter time. And the pipe induction heat treatment furnace can quickly adjust the power to the required heating temperature in a few seconds to automate and continuous production.

3.Real-time report display, historical job query

Request perfect report function. It can conveniently set up class report, daily report, monthly report and annual report, complete record production engineering information, providing complete equipment operation data record and display (equipment flow control, pressure control, equipment power control, etc.), real-time report shows various operation information and history in project operation. The report inquires the historical conditions of the production process parameters. The pipe induction heating system can provide graphical display and trend curve display of data, real-time display and historical display of data alarm, and can generate report forms.

4. Visual temperature control display and temperature configuration monitoring.

PLC control system can complete the measurement and automatic control of pipe induction heat treatment furnace temperature. Induction furnace can set different temperature control process and record for different production materials. In the process of industrial furnace production, it is necessary to realize the real-time setting of setting temperature, monitor the feedback temperature signal, refresh the control in the form of curve, and display the process.



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