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What is surface hardening? What kinds of surface hardening are there?

Surface hardening is a heat treatment method that quickly heats the workpiece to the hardening temperature and then cools it quickly, so that only the surface can obtain the quenched structure. That is, through rapid heating, the workpiece surface will soon reach the hardening temperature. When the heat has not been transmitted to the heart, it will be cooled rapidly. In this way, the surface will obtain high hardness martensite structure, while the heart still retains the original structure with good toughness and plasticity. The surface hardening process can make the surface of parts have high strength, hardness and wear resistance, while the core has certain strength, enough plasticity and toughness.


In order to reach the temperature above the phase transition point within the limited depth of the surface of the workpiece, the surface of the workpiece must be heated with a high energy density, so that the heat on the surface of the workpiece can not be transmitted to the center, resulting in a large temperature difference between the surface and the center.

Therefore, surface hardening is often named and classified in the form of supplying surface energy.

Surface hardening includes induction heating surface hardening, flame heating surface hardening, contact resistance heating surface hardening, electrolyte heating surface hardening, laser and electron beam heating surface hardening, etc. At present, induction heating surface hardening is widely used in heat treatment production, followed by flame heating surface hardening.

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