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What equipment is used for quenching the steel bar? This device is really not easy!

What equipment is used for quenching the steel bar? This device is really not easy!

If a device can meet the quenching standard of various kinds of steel bars, will you choose it? Most of the users answered yes. Is such a kind of steel bar quenching furnace really available? Of course, Forever combines the needs of domestic quenching and heat treatment industry with induction heating, heat treatment and materials science, and draws on foreign innovative electromagnetic induction technology experience, designs and develops energy-saving induction heating equipment and steel bar quenching furnace, which is assembled in the factory, and can start work quickly when it arrives at the work site. It is flexible and convenient, and the price is economical.

Installation and commissioning speed is faster, quenching is more worrying.

Furnace body, quenching water tank, PLC remote control console and other equipment are assembled by technicians in our factory. After arriving at the site, technicians quickly carry out installation work. The steel bar quenching furnace debugging function is flexible, which can quickly enter the quenching operation mode, do not have to spend a lot of time on complex basic configuration and basic materials, the operation is lighter.

In addition, spray quenching water tank is made of stainless steel ring spray device, the steel bar passes through the water tank, high-pressure cooling water from the spray water tank on the inner wall of the spray water hole spray quenching workpiece. The spray tank of the steel bar quenching furnace is equipped with a water collector, and the cooling water flows into the quenching circulating pool through the water collector. It is more convenient to break and transport the steel bar on the spot. From single equipment working independently to multi-equipment joint quenching heat treatment, the whole process of the steel bar quenching furnace is more fluent, ensuring the steel bar quenching without defects.

Higher cost performance, higher production and environmental protection for the steel bar induction quenching and tempering furnace

Economical and affordable price is the highlight of environmental protection steel bar quenching furnace, one machine can be used for many applications. For the users with don’t have much budget in the machine investment, Forever steel bar quenching furnace can be used for steel bar quenching, steel bar tempering, even steel bar annealing process. The conveyor roller of steel bar quenching furnace is driven by a special motor with variable frequency speed regulation. The motor speed is adjusted by a frequency converter to meet the requirements of different processes. The steel bar quenching furnace can work normally at night; at the same time, the equipment has strong corrosion resistance, steel quenching furnace can operate normally under the environment of minus 30 degrees, to ensure the efficient operation of steel quenching, all parameters to meet the performance and output requirements of the design. 


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