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What does the heat treatment quenching furnace bring you?

First, look at the principle of induction hardening equipment.The induction heating is a process of outputting a high-frequency current from a heat-treatment quenching tempering furnace, generating an alternating magnetic field through an inductor, forming a vortex through a workpiece placed in the induction coil, and instantly heating (melting) the workpiece.

By contrast, Hebei Hengyuan electric furnace 7 big advantages let you deeply believe! Heat it up? The fastest heating speed is less than

1 second (adjustable speed and speed control);

2. Widely used? Various types of metal workpieces that can be heated (replacement of detachable sensors depending on the shape of the workpiece); 3. Easy to install? Electricity and water can work;

4. Easy to operate? Can be learned in a few minutes, do not need years of technical staff, ordinary employees can;

5. Start? The heating can be started in a few seconds;

6. Less power? Than the old honest tube high-frequency node more than 70%, the smaller the work-piece less power consumption;

7. Good results? Heating is very uniform (adjustable universal inductor density, so that the parts of the workpiece to obtain their own required temperature), rapid heating, less oxide, no waste after annealing;


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