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What are the advantages in the performance of medium frequency induction furnace

The  medium frequency induction furnace is a rapid, efficient, energy-saving and safe intelligent induction heating device, which is based on the cutting-edge technology of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and combined with our ten-year heat-treatment electric furnace production experience. The invention has the advantages of compact structure, small floor area, greatly reduced occupied space of the automatic production, has the advantages of centralized process flow, good synchronism, high precision, high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection and space saving, and the like.

The intermediate frequency induction furnace has the following advantages:

1, wide range of applications, remote electromechanical intermediate frequency heating equipment is widely used in railway tracks, wind power machinery, petroleum machinery, mining machinery, automobile manufacturing and other industries suitable for forging heating, heat permeability, quenching, tempering, annealing, etc. Heat treatment process such as quenching and tempering.

2, the labor intensity is small, the production efficiency is high. The remote electromechanical medium frequency induction furnace can be a continuous production line, which can complete all production processes such as feeding, transmitting, heating, cooling and cutting of parts automatically without the need for manual production like the traditional heating equipment. At present, the medium frequency induction furnace can be set easily by only one person on the electronic control platform, which reduces the labor intensity fundamentally and improves the production efficiency.

3, compact structure, small footprint. According to the rational design of user site, the steel bar heat treatment furnace is compact in equipment and small in area, which can maximize the application of customer’s workshop space.

4, small wear and tear, less failure rate, long service life. The intermediate frequency induction furnace adopts rational structure design, all spare parts and wear-resistant parts adopt the industry high standard, ensure the whole machine wear and tear down little, the failure rate is less, and ensure the service life of the whole set of equipment more.


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