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Want to buy Stainless pipe heat treatment line China ? Contact us !

Want to buy Stainless pipe heat treatment line China ? Contact us !

Forever is specializing in the production of Stainless pipe heat treatment line, which is available for different size of stainless pipe. As Stainless pipe heat treatment line is customized product, we can give price list and solutions after customers give us the stainless pipe diameter, length, wall thickness and production capacity.

The technical characteristics of the process:

1.Heating method: Induction heating

2.Heating temperature: 350-450 degrees Celsius.

3.Minimal deformation: it can be controlled in the range of 5um

4.The surface is black, abrasion resistant, scratch resistant and scratch resistant

5.Temperature control: Closed-loop temperature automatic control.

6.Cooling way: Enclosed cooling tower.

Any inquiry about induction heat treatment equipment for stainless steel, carbon steel, spring steel, high speed steel, welcome to contact us for price and solutions.

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