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Tips: The old quench and temper line should change !

Tips: The old quench and temper line should change !


In recent days, Forever old customers frequently called to request to do update for their quench and temper line. Forever replaced the new accessories and equipped with a new type of energy-saving intelligent induction heating power, not only improve the customer’s production efficiency but also energy saving.

Why did we say old quench and temper line should change?

1.Quench and temper line power consumption is big;

2.Some circuit of the equipment after a long time some will be aging, the user need to regularly mainten or replace with the new one.

3.Forever new type induction heating power supply is more stable and energy saving than previous one.

 There is a saying that there is no comparison,there is no harm. If your induction heat treating system has been running for 10 years, you can not see anything from the appearance, but actually some parts are aging and will have failure easily.

Forever reminds the user s to change the quench and temper line if it is too old.If you need to update your line, please contact with us.

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Post time: 07-21-2017