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Three Innovation points of far extension Induction heating Furnace to make Enterprises reap profit

Hebei FOREVER is committed to the production and design of Induction heat treatment furnace ,quenched and tempered heat treatment equipment and quenching heat treatment equipment for more than 20 years. The technology is mature and stable, and the operation is reliable. The induction heating equipment has one-button operation. A person can control the production of a complete set of equipment, running with complete data monitoring, process records, strong traceability, equipment customized man-machine interface to display production data from time to time, professional technical team, To provide you with high-quality products and satisfactory services. Far extension induction heating furnace 3 innovation points, let the enterprise harvest profits.

1, the long-term induction heating furnace has three innovative points, so that the enterprise can reap profits from the fully automatic and modern intelligent induction heating furnace, and the production line of quenched and tempered heat treatment has the advantages of uniform heating, high heating speed, no pollution and no noise. The high qualified rate of finished product after treatment, no deformation, strong toughness and crack-free phenomenon of the workpiece treated by induction heating furnace can increase the cost and create high profit for the user by starting the induction heating furnace with one key and controlling the production of the whole set of equipment. High qualified workpieces enable users to live a higher degree of attention in the market, enhance the competition of their own products, can bring users more economic benefits, more benefits.

2.3 innovation points of the remote induction heating furnace, so that the profit of the enterprise can be realized The invention relates to a high-pressure electro-mechanical induction heating furnace, a quenching heat treatment equipment and a quenching and tempering heat treatment production line, By the induction coil, the heat energy is generated in a non-contact manner through the inner part of the metal workpiece, and the heat treatment mode is a typical energy-saving and environment-friendly heat treatment mode, and is a favorite of a wide range of users because of the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection of the equipment. The environment-friendly operation production can bring a good working environment to people, so that people can work more and more, the mechanical production of the intelligent automation reduces the labor intensity of people, and people do not need to sell their physical strength, and all are intelligent control production. The continuous innovation of the technology of the remote induction heating furnace has made the enterprise gain high profit.

3.3 innovation points of the remote induction heating furnace, so that the profit of the enterprise can be realized whether the steel pipe heat treatment equipment, the steel bar quenching production line, the steel pipe quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment, the steel billet heating furnace, the aluminum rod heating furnace and the metal forming heating equipment, the innovation of the steel bar heating equipment, the deformed steel thread steel tempering heat treatment equipment and the like has changed the traditional heating and heat treatment working mode of production, the induction heating furnace and the innovation point of the heat treatment equipment, so that the enterprises can obtain high profit, make our market more active, and bring more high-quality metal workpieces, The invention is applied in all walks of life, such as building, so that we can live in a safer and more solid house, such as a car, and the metal workpieces such as the automobile stabilizer bar, the torsion bar and the like can be obtained by induction heating and tempering equipment, so that the steering force of the automobile can be better and the stability is better, And the safety of the automobile is higher. The energy-saving and environment-friendly operation production mode, so that the air quality of the living home is better, and the like, all of which are the society of the intelligent bar stock and tempering equipment, and the various changes and benefits brought by the people.

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