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The steel pipe annealing induction heating equipment

Forever Electromechanical is a professional steel pipe induction heating annealing equipment manufacturing company. At the same time, we have gathered multiple senior technical personnel engaged in the induction heating and heat treatment industries, forming a high-tech enterprise that integrates the research and development, design, production, sales, and service of steel pipe annealing heat treatment furnaces. We have always operated under the IS09002 quality management system certification, CE quality certification, and multiple invention patents.

The pipe induction annealing equipment adopts variable frequency speed control inclined roller drive:

To ensure that the workpiece does not deform during the heat treatment process, each steel pipe annealing equipment is equipped with a V-shaped roller that forms a certain angle with the axis of the bed. The V-shaped roller must have sufficient strength, rigidity, and wear resistance; The transmission device adopts a stepless speed control frequency converter produced by Japan’s Shenchuan Company. The speed can be pre-set by numbers, making it easy to adjust the speed of entering the sensor. The forward speed and rotation speed of the workpiece meet the requirements of the heat treatment process, and the operation is stable and reliable, with accurate control of the workpiece running speed.


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