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The steel billet induction heating furnace understands that our country will fight against the US-sponsored trade war?

The steel billet induction heating furnace understands that our country will fight against the US-sponsored trade war?

Forever learned that since July 11 this year, the United States has imposed a 10% tariff on China’s imports of about $200 billion of goods, and on August 2, the tariff has risen to 25%. As a result of the United States’willingness, trade frictions between China and the United States have escalated. To defend our legitimate rights and interests, we have to fight back and impose tariffs on some $60 billion of goods already published.

The escalation of trade war will undoubtedly affect the trade of commodities between the two countries. Facing this situation, Forever billet induction heating furnace adjusts the economic development structure rapidly, the steel billet induction heating furnace strides forward to the high quality development mode, guides the high performance-price ratio billet induction heating furnace by the value engineering, and finally realizes the multi-market high share.

This trade war can be said to be a world war without smoke and gunpowder, to avoid the war initiated by United States, our country calm and rational, calm response. In the face of repeated challenges from the United States, China will not indulge. As the saying goes, those who get the right will help more, those who lose the right will help less, the extreme pressure and blackmail will never succeed, and the trend of the times of win-win cooperation is irreversible. Forever is well aware of this point, Standing from user’s actual requirement and application, Forever steel billet heating furnace will be designed and manufactured from users’ profit and supply suitable billet forging heating furnace. At the same time, we will arrange one technician to serve you for technology and training and provide long term technical support and parts service.

Forever actively creates better service and brand system on the basis of efficient development of core induction heating technology. We should effectively expand market demand and actively respond to this world war without smoke. In chaotic times, although there will be a rush to deal with the time, but as long as we continue to work hard and learn new technology, we believe our induction heating equipment will have a better development in the near future. 


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