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The performance of induction heating equipment is favored by the market!

Medium frequency induction heating equipment is currently the optimal equipment for processing metal steel bars. With the rapid development of industry, the demand for high quality metal steel rods grows rapidly. In order to ensure the quality of the project, the market has improved the standard of metal parts, therefore, energy saving, Environmentally friendly, efficient induction heating equipment is favored by many manufacturers.

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To find high-yield metal heating equipment, induction heating equipment can help you achieve, medium-frequency heating equipment style is more, different types of metal heating equipment applicable scope, processing metal parts of different shapes. According to the customer’s workpiece material and shape, there are mainly steel bar heat treatment furnace, steel pipe conditioning equipment, steel bar heating equipment, billet heating furnace and aluminum bar heating equipment, steel plate quenching equipment, etc., and according to the user’s actual production needs, Induction heating equipment can be operated on a single machine or on-line with other mechanical equipment to form a continuous production line to improve the user’s production efficiency and product market competitiveness.

Compared with other types of metal heating equipment, induction heating equipment is a heating equipment with energy-saving production, high efficiency and high profit, because medium-frequency quenching equipment uses electromagnetic principle to process heat treatment. Heat is produced directly from the metal steel rod by inductor, the heating speed is fast, the time is short, the surface of the steel rod is not easy to produce oxidation scale, burn loss and decarbonization deformation and so on, and the quality of the steel rod processing is high.


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