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The manufacturer of the professional induction heating equipment provides you with the quotation of the equipment.

Induction heating equipment is suitable for on-line heating of aluminum rod,bar quenching and tempering furnace , screw steel, billet, steel bar, steel pipe, medium-thick plate and other metal workpieces. Induction heating equipment is widely used in many fields, such as: mining machinery, automobile accessories, railway, petroleum, construction, etc. The price of the bridge and other industries is also a topic of concern to users.

In general, the price of induction heating furnace is generally about one hundred thousand- three hundred thousand (this price is for reference only), so what is the difference in the price of induction heating equipment which is also used for metal heating? Hebei FOREVER, as a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment in China, has come to tell you where the price difference is factors that affect the price of the intermediate frequency induction heating furnace: the quality of the equipment, the technical cost, the supply and demand relation, the equipment brand, the operation mode, the old and the new of the equipment and the like can influence the price of the equipment, The three factors of the device brand are further instructions for the user.

1. Peer-to-peer competition: With the increasing demand of induction heating electric furnace in recent years, more metal heating equipment manufacturers have appeared in the market to attract more users to purchase their own equipment, and the manufacturers have carried out a series of preferential activities. Reducing the cost of the user to spend on each device.

2. Price of steel material: steel is an important raw material in the manufacture of composite crusher. The cost of manufacturing is high when the price of steel on the market is increased. The price of the finished product is high. In contrast, when the price of steel material is down, the input of the manufacturer on the raw material cost is small, The price of the equipment will be reduced within a certain range.

3, equipment brand: the size of equipment brand has a certain influence on its market price, because the equipment of general big brand is advanced in technology, the quality and after-sales service are guaranteed, can effectively solve the user’s worries, and, Big brand equipment manufacturers have a large scale, strong strength, own rigorous, scientific pricing mechanism, so it will not be like the small brand manufacturers on the market to sit down the price of the user, equipment prices are generally acceptable to users.

The induction heating equipment provided by Hebei Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical Factory has various specifications and models, and has introduced international advanced production technology. The equipment produced by the factory has higher performance, and the price of the equipment by the manufacturer is more affordable. It greatly reduces the user’s expenditure in production, so the equipment produced by FOREVER Electrical and Mechanical Factory is favored by users in the market.


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