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The main tasks of forging and heating in forging Refractory Furnace

In industry, the  forging steel ball production line is often used to heat the forging of steel, and there are many ways of steelmaking, such as induction furnace steelmaking, electric arc furnace steelmaking and so on. The raw material is pig iron, and there are more scrap steel rust purchased out. The main tasks of forging furnace in forging iron and steel are as follows:

(1) solidifying solid charge (pig iron, scrap, etc.);

(2) making silicon, manganese, carbon and other elements in molten steel reach the specifications;

(3) We need to remove the harmful elements of sulfur and phosphorus and reduce their content below the specified limit;

(4) dissimilation of gas and non-metal in molten steel to make molten steel pure;

(5) alloy element (melting alloy steel) to make it suitable for request;

(6) superheating of molten steel to definite temperature to ensure the demand of pouring;

7 In order to improve the output and reduce the cost, rapid steelmaking is necessary;

8, casting into excellent castings. This article is finished by Hebei Hengyuan steel plate conditioning equipment manufacturer,

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Post time: 04-03-2019