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The main features of the hot rolled deformed steel bar

The main features of the Deformed bar hot rolling equipment are:

1. The hot rolled deformed steel bar production line is designed with full load, and the medium frequency induction heating equipment can work continuously for 24 hours.

2. Digital phase-locked technology enables automatic frequency tracking of hot-rolling equipment for deformed steel.

3. Modular design, simple installation, and convenient operation of medium frequency induction heating equipment.

4. The hot rolled Deformed bar heat treatment line has complete protection functions, high reliability, and automatic alarm function in case of faults.

5. Using a Rayleigh thermometer for temperature control, real-time display, and uniform heating.

6. The PLC with human-machine interface fully automatically and intelligently controls the hot rolled threaded steel production line, resulting in high production efficiency.

7. The entire production line adopts medium frequency induction heating control, and the program is adaptive to the power adjustment of threaded steel.

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